Fourth MikeLoop Newsletter

4. June 2023


Hi everyone,

welcome to MikeLoop's fourth newsletter.


After a rather cold spring, summer has finally arrived in Berlin and people are back out on the streets. I went out to the country side to play my first post-release solo concert with MikeLoop at Kulturpraline in the small town of Teupitz in Brandenburg. The weather was perfect, the place was sold out, so it turned out to be an epic experience! Check out Kulturpraline if you happen to live near Berlin. It's a beautiful place and there are more concerts coming up.


I also went to Würzburg and Saarbrücken this month to teach two MikeLoop workshops at the music universities there. The workshops were open to jazz students and also students from the education department. We used MikeLoop to sing songs, improve our musical skills, write new music and just have fun with loops. I'm looking forward to teaching many more such workshops in the future.


Our sixth MikeLoop update is a new song layout, just twoMatrix Loops with 12 tracks each. This new layout gives you a lot of flexibility about undoing a track, mixing the volume of each layer, and muting every track to create different soundscapes. I made a video for you to see what you can do with this add-on to MikeLoop. You can watch it here:



By clicking on the video you will be routed to an external webpage (YouTube) 



Our update in two weeks on June 18th will be a new timing lesson. This is the third lesson about timing and it will be the last one about this topic for a while. We will focus on other things to learn from now on. If you haven't seen the video about how MikeLoop's lessons work you can find it here:



By clicking on the video you will be routed to an external webpage (YouTube) 




Finally, I fixed a date for our MikeLoop party, celebrating MikeLoop's release. The party will happen on Sept 19 at Jazzclub A-Trane in Berlin. I'll tell you more about it closer to the date, but you may want to save the date.



We will send a monthly newsletter to let you know about our bi-weekly MikeLoop updates. Updates may include new MikeLoop lessons, sound effects, new Mikeloop functions and other features.


I teach workshops and perform concerts with MikeLoop, expect dates to come in by fall this year. I haven't played loop concerts in a while since I wanted to wait for MikeLoop's release. There's a new solo program now and I'm very excited to present it to you 🙂 


Upcoming concerts and workshops:

May 8th, Loop-workshop at Hochschule für Musik Würzburg

May 10-12th, Loop and vocal workshop at HfM SAAR

June 3rd, Solo concert at Kulturpraline Tornow, Seestrasse 3, 15755 Teupitz

Sept 19th, MikeLoop release party at A-Trane Jazzclub Berlin




That's it for today-

try it out yourself – with MikeLoop!





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