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It all began in 1992, when Michael had his first encounter with a loop machine. The Paradis Loop Delay, a prototype that would soon become the Echoplex Digital Pro, mesmerized him right away. Michael has worked with loops ever since. He started out with hardware, combining guitar effect pedals, loop machines and multi effect devices. By the early 2000s he was tired of carrying big flight cases around the planet, so he decided to switch to software, and by 2007 the first software prototype was born. When Michael and Fabian met at the Moers Festival in 2013 they decided to develop MikeLoop for iPad and thus make it available to everybody.


© Stefi Marcus


About Michael:

Michael has been working with loop machines since the early 90s. He sings solo performances with MikeLoop all around the world and also performs as a singer in many projects, ranging from jazz and pop to classical and experimental music. Michael is a professor for vocal improvisation at the University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar. He is also MikeLoop’s creative director.



About Fabian:

During his school days, Fabian sought his connection to music by performing with student bands on stage or working as a sound mixer/operator for concerts and in the studio. In time for his studies, it became clear that Fabian’s greatest talent, however, lay in developing software for musicians. As he has always been self-employed, he now works as the Managing and Technical Director on MikeLoop.


We would like to thank:

Mandy Ryll for the design of MikeLoop’s buttons and sliders

Felix Grave for engineering and design of this webpage

Viktoria Leleka for helping us with multimedia stuff

Stefi Marcus for taking our press photos

Sedal Sardan from A-Trane Jazz Club for the live videos he took for us in his club

Christian Rathgen for consultation and advice





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