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Sixth MikeLoop Newsletter


  Hi everyone, welcome to MikeLoop's sixth newsletter.   It's been 2 moths that you haven't heard from me. I was on holiday in August so I decided not to write over the summer. We still updated MikeLoop every two weeks as promised, so now there are quite a few updates to show you in this […]


Fifth MikeLoop Newsletter


  Hi everyone, welcome to MikeLoop's fifth newsletter.   Today we add a new effect for MikeLoop. The Pitch Shifter enables you to add a second pitch to your voice. Choose an interval on the keyboard and sing in parallels. We also added a new layout that combines loops and sound effects. This way it will […]


Fourth MikeLoop Newsletter


  Hi everyone, welcome to MikeLoop's fourth newsletter.   After a rather cold spring, summer has finally arrived in Berlin and people are back out on the streets. I went out to the country side to play my first post-release solo concert with MikeLoop at Kulturpraline in the small town of Teupitz in Brandenburg. The […]


Third MikeLoop Newsletter


  Hi everyone,   The month of May finally arrived and I'm teaching 2 loop workshops, in Würzburg on May 8 and in Saarbrücken on May 10-12. These are my first post release workshops, so I'm excited to be using the official MikeLoop version with built-in lessons. My university in Weimar will put MikeLoop on 10 school iPads, so we […]


Second MikeLoop Newsletter


  Hi everyone, this is the second MikeLoop newsletter. It has been a month now that MikeLoop has seen the light of day. I’m still excited that MikeLoop is available to all loop enthusiasts, and there is so much more to come. In our second update we add the All-Loops-Copy button. You can now copy any […]


First ever MikeLoop newsletter!


  Hi everyone, this is the first ever MikeLoop newsletter!  Fabian and I have worked frantically behind the scenes to get MikeLoop ready for release. We're both super excited to present this amazing app to all loopers, singers, musicians, performers, teachers, enthusiasts and supporters. MikeLoop has come a long way, it is now a professional looper for […]