Tenth MikeLoop Newsletter

28. February 2024


Hi everyone,

welcome to MikeLoop's 10th newsletter.


Two weeks ago I met up with Fabian to work on our latest MikeLoop update which focuses on MikeLoop's controller functions. MikeLoop has been working with controllers for a while now. You can connect a controller like a keyboard or foot pedal and control your loops remotely. This is very useful for singer-songwriters who wish to sing and play the guitar at the same time, since they can control loops with their feet. But most foot pedals have only a few buttons, so how can you control all your loops? Our solution to this problem are Hot Keys:


Just click one of MikeLoop's Hot Keys and then one of the loop buttons to connect it to your foot pedal. You can see the chosen MikeLoop button indicated in the Hot Key. Click the Hot Key again and choose a new MikeLoop button to switch. In this example we choose Hot Key A and assign Matrix track 1a, Hot Key B to Bass, Hot Key C to Simple Loop Reverse, then switch Hot Key C to Dub Loop Reverse, and finally Hot Key D to Dub Loop Double Button.



Our update for next month will be a lesson about songwriting. There are many ways to compose and arrange songs with MikeLoop. After you open the lesson…


…MikeLoop's screen will split in half. On the left side you will see a video with suggestions and examples that you can follow along. On the right side you find the corresponding loop machine to try things out yourself. MikeLoop comes with lessons about timing, intonation, song writing and much more.


By clicking on the video you will be routed to an external webpage (YouTube)



On Feb 16th I gave a talk about MikeLoop at Singposium in Berlin. Singposium is a biannual event for vocalists and vocal teachers in jazz and pop music. It was amazing to meet so many singers come together!



We got a lot of feedback for the MikeLoop presentation. It made me want to create MikeLoop lessons for high school level and for bigger groups. I will tell you more about this later this year



I will travel to Asia for the coming weeks to catch up with friends and musicians that I haven't seen in a long time. There will be a free improv gig in Hong Kong where I'll perform with MikeLoop at a venue called Oneness Music HK on April 2nd. If you happen to be in Hong Kong feel free to come by.


Finally, I will teach a workshop on May 16th specifically for teachers who wish to work with MikeLoop in their lessons. The workshop is hosted by Netzwerk 4.0. Germany and it is open to all teachers who teach at German music institutions. It will take place at the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar and it is free of charge. Please contact me if you have any questions, or sign up here.




We will send a monthly newsletter to let you know about our bi-weekly MikeLoop updates. Updates may include new MikeLoop lessons, sound effects, new Mikeloop functions and other features.



Upcoming concerts and workshops:

Feb 18th, Michael Schiefel Solo with MikeLoop, OMA Weimar

April 2nd, MikeLoop free improv jam at Oneness Music HK

May 27th, Michael Schiefel (voc, MikeLoop) and David Friedman (vibes) Duo, Funkhaus DLF Kultur

Oct 5th & 6th, MikeLoop workshop at Landesmusikakademie Berlin






That's it for today-

try it out yourself – with MikeLoop!





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