First ever MikeLoop newsletter!

9. March 2023


Hi everyone,

this is the first ever MikeLoop newsletter! 

Fabian and I have worked frantically behind the scenes to get MikeLoop ready for release. We're both super excited to present this amazing app to all loopers, singers, musicians, performers, teachers, enthusiasts and supporters. MikeLoop has come a long way, it is now a professional looper for serious performers, a practising tool to improve your timing, intonation and improvisational skills and a fun device to sing with at home. MikeLoop can be very complex if you want it to be, but we will guide you through simple steps so you won't feel lost, even if you've never used a loop machine before.


Here comes a first impression of what you can do with MikeLoop:



MikeLoop comes with built-in video lessons, so you can simply follow my instructions on the screen and loop along until you feel confident enough to try out your own ideas. It works like this:

By clicking on the video you will be routed to an external webpage ( 


We will send a monthly newsletter to let you know about our bi-weekly MikeLoop updates. Updates may include new MikeLoop lessons, sound effects, new MikeLoop functions and other features.

Our first update on March 26 will be a MikeLoop lesson about intonation. There will be many more lessons coming up, teaching you how to use MikeLoop and how to improve your vocal skills.

I will also teach workshops and perform concerts with MikeLoop. Expect dates to roll in by fall this year. I haven't played loop concerts in a while since I wanted to wait for MikeLoop's release. I prepared a new solo program and I'm very excited to present it to you 🙂 

Here comes my first post-release concert:


June 3rd, Kulturpraline Tornow, Seestrasse 3, 15755 Teupitz




That's it for today-

try it out yourself – with MikeLoop!






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