Seventh MikeLoop Newsletter

1. October 2023


Hi everyone,

welcome to MikeLoop's seventh newsletter.


Last week we celebrated MikeLoop's release with an epic party at A-Trane Jazz Club in Berlin. We invited 5 guests to perform their own music with MikeLoop, and it was stunning to hear the diverse mix of loop styles, ranging from jazz to pop, from beats to complex chord progressions. So thank you Ola, Tanja, Tobias, Daniel and Andreas for your beautiful music!


Also, thank you to Olga Kovalevska for taking pictures (like the one above). I will upload many more soon on our website.



In our update #14 we add an Active Loop Indicator and a new All Loops Velocity function for Simple Loop:


This is the Active Loop Indicator:

The hollow arrow in a track or loop button indicates that this track is active. So if you press Faster or Reverse you will change the speed or direction of this track.



This is the new All Loops Velocity function for Simple Loop:


…if you would like to change the speed for all 4 loops in this situation…


…you can now double click Velocity and choose a speed and direction on the Velocity Pad…

…now all your loops will change to the new speed (x2 in this case). 

Update #14 will be released on Oct 8. 



So you are wondering about Update #15, scheduled for Oct 22? I'm going to keep this one a secret for now, there will be more news about it in our eighth newsletter in November 🙂





We will send a monthly newsletter to let you know about our bi-weekly MikeLoop updates. Updates may include new MikeLoop lessons, sound effects, new Mikeloop functions and other features.


I teach workshops and perform concerts with MikeLoop. I haven't played loop concerts in a while since I wanted to wait for MikeLoop's release. There's a new solo program now and I'm very excited to present it to you 🙂 



Upcoming concerts and workshops:

Nov 3rd, MikeLoop loop workshop at HMTMH Hannover

Nov 24th, MikeLoop loop workshop at HdpK Berlin

Feb 16th, MikeLoop presentation at Singposium Berlin





That's it for today-

try it out yourself – with MikeLoop!





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