Eighth MikeLoop Newsletter

1. November 2023


Hi everyone,

welcome to MikeLoop's eighth newsletter.



In this newsletter you find:

– pictures from our Release Party

– update stereo spread

– update lesson about song writing

– update MIDI support



The last month flew by really quickly. Fall has arrived and Fabian and I spend more time at home, preparing our biweekly updates. I also browsed through Olha Kovalevska's photos of our release party in September, and I found some beautiful moments to share with you:


my favourite part was the group jam, when we all looped together on 4 MikeLoops!

Thanks again to Tobias Lux, Tatjana Sawjalow, Ola Blachno and Daniel Mattar for their beautiful music.



Andreas Schmidt was the only non-singer that night. He brought all the keys he could get his hands on.



Fabian and I felt very proud that night 🙂




But now for MikeLoop's latest updates:


We released a new stereo spread function for Matrix Loop on October 22nd. It allows you to quickly and easily create a stereo panorama for your Matrix Loop tracks. After you record your tracks you activate Spread and the sound of your tracks will be spread across the room, with track a being on the left, and track d (in this example) being on the right of your stereo panorama. Here is a video to show you how this works. You may want to use headphones for a better stereo effect:


By clicking on the video you will be routed to an external webpage (YouTube)



Our next update will come out this Sunday on Oct 5th. It's another lesson, this time about how to create a song with MikeLoop. If you haven't checked out our lessons yet you can check out this video to see how the lessons work. I've posted it before, so if you have a MikeLoop subscription I recommend you check out the new lesson right in the app.


By clicking on the video you will be routed to an external webpage (YouTube)



Many people have asked us if MikeLoop could be controlled remotely with a MIDI controller. As of November 19th, the answer will be YES! Fabian implemented a whole new Controller section in the side menu. Once you hook a controller to your iPad you will find it in the controller section. From there you can assign all MikeLoop buttons to your controller. I'm super happy about it and it's totally easy to make it work. This update is the first half of our MIDI section, there will be another update for more sophisticated MIDI stuff later. Here's a screenshot of the controller window:



With the controller connected to the iPad, all you need to do is open this window and tap a button on your controller. Now you can see the midi data (which you can ignore if you like)


press continue, press a button in MikeLoop. Voilà – they're connected!




We will send a monthly newsletter to let you know about our bi-weekly MikeLoop updates. Updates may include new MikeLoop lessons, sound effects, new Mikeloop functions and other features.


I teach workshops and perform concerts with MikeLoop. There's a new solo program now and I'm very excited to present it to you 🙂 



Upcoming concerts and workshops:

Nov 3rd, MikeLoop loop workshop at HMTMH Hannover

Nov 24th, MikeLoop loop workshop at HdpK Berlin

Feb 16th, MikeLoop presentation at Singposium Berlin




That's it for today-

try it out yourself – with MikeLoop!





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